Welcome to Mainecoon Cattery

We would like to welcome you to our website. I began my love for the Traditional Old-Style Mainecoon many years ago when I was a young girl living in Australia. Although, we are originally from the Australia we have called the United States our “home” for some time now. I was first introduced to my first Siamese at the age of twelve. After acquiring a number Siamese cats as a result of a debit that our neighbor breeder friend owed my mother, during that time some of our queens littered kittens, this exposed me to the whole birthing and the breeding process

Our Goals

Mainecoon Cattery is a small CFF, TICA & ACA registered home based cattery located in central-southern Illinois. Our cats are our beloved pets and integrated into all members of our family. Mainecoon Kittens and cats are loved and supervised daily. Since I do not work outside the home our kittens and cats are cared for throughout the day, underfoot, and are almost never left alone at any given time. All Mainecoon Kittens have learned to be tolerant towards young children. Our four children, who have all been taught how to handle kittens appropriately, interact with the kittens on a daily basis. Qualities of our breeding program are based on producing quality, soundness, health, good temperament and balance. Even though breeding Traditional Old Style Mainecoon cats is not our business but rather a hobby, there is a lot involved in becoming a good responsible breeder, and in doing so we take our responsibilities as breeders very seriously. Our guiding principles makes it of paramount importance to the dedicating, preserving, protecting, perpetuating, and promoting of the Traditional Mainecoon cat. Currently I am registered with of ACA (Cat Fanciers Association), CFF (Cat Fanciers Federation), and a member of CFC (Chocolate Cat Fanciers) and OSSI (Old Style Siamese International) Our breeders are tested for the Heartworn & FeLV-FIV regularly every year.